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Coldplay Hub Op

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Hub Rules

  1. Do NOT share MP3's or SHN's that are MP3 sourced

  2. Do NOT share any Porn or programs(programs on your computer NOT music related)

  3. Share complete files, in a properly named folder(Artist/Date/Venue Info)

  4. Share any incomplete files in a specially marked folder. (I. E.) someone's name or just Incomplete Downloads

  5. Do NOT leetch(this is when someone keeps downloading shows, but never shares them)

  6. Slot any Op who requests you to. If a slot does NOT become available to check your files, within a reasonable amount of time. You will be kicked or re-directed

  7. Anyone who enters WITHOUT a share, and was not let in, will be kicked!

  8. Ater 5 times in the roughly the same time frame of getting kicked. You will be BANNED!

  9. Minimum Share is 12mb

  10. To download from someone in the hub, you must remain in the hub(this is just courteous)

Hub Commands

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