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Welcome to the Coldplay Hub Webpage, No much has been going on here. None of the 2005 shows have been added to the lists. But lots of the old shows are being uploaded. Here is a list of some of the shows and a link to them. Some might be dead, good luck. Dont forget if you have not been to one of these trackers, you will have to sign-up. Wait for an email, then log back in following the email link.
I'll try to post links for the torrents being seeded for each week here.

Coldplay 2002-08-27 Paris, Fr (L’Olympia - Webcast)SHN
Coldplay 2001-04-30 London, England(Brixton Academy - Fm)SHN
Coldplay 2003-05-31 Los Angeles, Ca(Hollywood Bowl - Fm)SHN
Coldplay 2003-04-17 London, England(Earls Court - Fm)SHN
Coldplay 2003-03-30 Paris, France(Le Zénith - Aud)SHN
Coldplay 2005-05-18 MTV Live Leak (USA)
Coldplay 2003-05-20 Edmonton, Canada(Shaw Conference Center - Fm)SHN
Coldplay 2002-08-06 Boston, Ma(Paradise Club - Aud)SHN
Coldplay 2002-08-27 Paris, France(L'Olympia - Fm)SHN
Coldplay 2002-09-06 Berkeley, Ca (Greek Theater - Aud AT 933s)SHN
Coldplay 2003-02-06 Denver, Co(Fillmore Auditorium - Aud)SHN
Coldplay 2003-05-24 George, Wa(The Gorge(Sasquatch Festival - Aud)DVD
Coldplay 2002-11-18 Milano, Italy(Filaforum - Aud)SHN
Coldplay - Riverbend Music Center Cincinnati OH 8-9-05 FM
Coldplay 2005-07-05 Reebok Stadium, Bolton
Coldplay - Camden, London, England 6 June 200

I would like to add another page for tapers and their info(names, location, and equipment). This way we can have tapers set up for the coming Coldplay tour of 2004-2005. Also so other shows someone would want taped, they would know someone in the area who could tape it, and maybe work out a free ticket or something for the taper. Lastly also so, we can get these Live shows shared in the hub. Added a few links Arkilsbootlist, bittorrent sites(shadows & easytree)

Since I am not running the hub, I have been seeding the following shows to
Which is a bit torrent site. Check for the link in the Links page The following shows were seeded to Click any date to find the link
2000-10-23 London, England(Empire, Shephers Bush)SHN
2002-12-11 Boston, Ma(The Orpheum Theater)SHNt
2000-11-04 Melkweg, Amsterdam(Crossing Border Festival)SHN
2003-03-07 Nashville, Tn(Ryman Auditorium)SHN
2003-06-13 New York, NY(Madison Square Garden)SHN
2003-01-28 Houston, Tx(Verizon Wireless Theater)SHN
2003-03-10 Louisville,Ky (Louisville Palace)SHN
1999-03-01 London, England(Maida Vale Studios, Evening Sessions-Fm)SHN
1999-08-29 Carversham, England(Reading Festival- Fm)SHN
1999-10-27 Livepool, England(Sound City Royal-Fm)SHN
2000-05-08 London, England(Shepherd's Bush Empire(Five Night Stand Tv)SHN
2003-03-13 Minneapolis. Minnesota(Target Center-Fm)SHN
2003-03-12 Milwaukee, Wi(Eagles Ballroom)Aud

The following show needs to be re-seeded, () date that it will be re-seeded.

(2005-01-13) 2003-01-25 Charlotte, NC (Grady Cole Center)Aud

And also check these other Coldplay seeds too. Thanks to Douglas for seeding his master of the Houston show (2nd source), currently its an Fm that's a restricted show in the hub(Mail trades only). But he seeded his own master copy.
Remember, Easytree seeds that are inactive after 29 days, are removed from the site.
2002-10-11 - Manchester Evening News Area DVD
For Your Place DVD
2000-07-07 Eurockéennes (Sat)
Houston, Texas - Jan. 28, 2003 (FM)
If you have any news or new shows you would like to be added Click Here
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